The Italian Club of Tampa has become an integral part of the community, and we strive to fulfill our mission each and every day. That mission is to preserve and honor the culture, traditions and heritage of the Italian Community and to maintain the historical facility as a functioning memorial to the working-class immigrants. Our most important method of honoring this mission is through the dues and contributions provided by the members, their families, friends, and local businesses. In return we will add value to the membership by providing social activities, fellowship, Italian arts and culture; these activities will provide for growth and stability in the membership, creating a safe and comfortable environment for both members and their families. Membership privileges also entitle you to bi-monthly newsletters and mailers, discounts on facility rentals, preferred status and discounts on select Italian Club Socials and Ybor City functions.

We offer a variety of events and activities throughout the year for our members and the community at large. Our events focus on celebrating the Italian culture and traditions in new and exciting ways. We work diligently to target new audiences, from all communities – both for membership and for event attendees. Here are just a few examples of the events we host each year:

  • Krewe Socials & Parties
  • First Friday Happy Hour
  • Spaghetti Dinners
  • Wine Tastings
  • Bocce Tournaments
  • Holiday Events & Parties
  • Mother’s Day Events
  • Casino Nights
  • Variety Shows & Opera Nights
  • Santa Lucia Celebrations
  • Fashion Shows
  • Kids Events & Programs
  • Ybor Parade Parties
  • Live Music Concerts
  • Member Outings & Trips
  • and so much more!

We are always happy to welcome new members, whether from the Italian Community or from all walks of life. As you may be aware membership dues are essential to the club’s continued viability and revitalization efforts. We thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you to help our membership grow. Each and every one of you are part of a family, the Italian Club family, and together we can make anything happen.


The Club offers a variety of membership options, to include:

  • General Membership – this level would provide membership to one individual
  • Family Membership – this level would provide membership to one-two adults, and any dependent children living within the household.

We also offer contributory membership packages. These memberships offer you the opportunity for a 100% tax deductible membership opportunity for a local business or organization.

  • Patron Membership – the level is a $200 contribution, and offers membership to a business name and/or one individual
  • Benefactor Membership – the level is a $300 contribution, and offers membership to a business name and/or one individual
  • DaVinci Membership – the level is a $500 contribution, and offers membership to a business name and/or one individual
  • To become a member, please fill out the form below and mail us your membership payment OR download the membership application and mail it to us along with your payment. Please make checks payable to: Italian Club of Tampa, 1731 E. 7th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33605

Membership Application Form


Select membership category applicable to enrollment, please make checks payable to “The Italian Club Of Tampa” – please note dues are nonrefundable:


Select membership category applicable, please make checks payable to “The Italian Club Building & Cultural
Trust Fund, Inc.” – please note “Contributory/Business Memberships” are tax deductible, but nonrefundable:


**for family memberships, please list the first name, last name, gender, and date of birth of the spouse and dependent children living in the household**


Please List A Member In Good Standing To Sponsor Your Application (note: have a sponsor is not a requirement – if you don’t know a current member of the club, please leave blank)
I would like to assist the Club by serving on the following committees
*If you have an area of expertise that would benefit our club, please let us know!